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Alfie Robins

​ Alfie Robins is not a household name in literary world but his first novel 'Reprisal', a crime thriller set in Hull sold over 50,000 copies. Now the East Yorkshire based author has launched a second novel in the Warren & Jimbo series, The  Blood Red Line.

Alfie Robins was born and raised in the English east coast city of  Kingston Upon Hull, known locally as, ‘Ull.  Alfie left school at 15 and  started work as a ships carpenter working on the trawlers on Hull fish  dock.  Over the years he has had a varied career, carpenter, production  manager in the caravan industry, sales manager with a radio communications and a postman with Royal Mail. He is married and has three grown up children and lives in rural East Yorkshire with his wife and son.

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There is a strong demand for good British fiction set in Yorkshire.  Hull in particular is a great backdrop for crime fiction as the city and surrounding area is so diverse in landscape and history.




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